"The art of communication, is the language of leadership"
James Humes

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Consultancy in education and in organizational communication through technological tools

EDUCATION + COMMUNICATION + TECHNOLOGY, these are our areas of specialization.

We are teachers at heart, we understand the transforming power of education and how it can be strengthened with a correct communication through the correct channel (a mobile application, a web page, an educational platform, all connected with the continuity of traditional methods of education ).

Listen to you, understand your ideas and systematically turn them into an action plan. Accompany you throughout the execution stages until you see your idea materialized into a fully operational project.

Globalization left behind unique products, there is always more than one alternative or option, that is why our competitive advantage as a consultant is to help you discover and enhance your own competitive advantage.

Tell us your idea, we will help you develop an action plan that allows you to see your idea concretized.

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Our education and communication team is at your disposal to listen to your ideas and give them shape by transforming them into a powerful tool with which you can reach all your audiences.

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Why us

  • Few consultancies unite decades of experience in the field of education and the most innovative technologies, added to the knowledge of organizational communication.
  • This sum of knowledge and skills makes Fonema an unique proposal, put at your disposal.